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Modern Combat 5 Blackout is a premium mobile shooter, not free to play

12/06/2014 09:10:00

Gameloft's impressive mobile Call of Duty-alike takes the premium route, eschews in-app purchases and the trappings of free to play.


Gameloft's Modern Combat series for mobile has been getting progressively more impressive with each new iteration. Modern Combat 5 Blackout is arguably the most ambitious yet, with assault, heavy, recon, and sniper classes with specific skills, team-based multiplayer, unified character progression across campaign and multiplayer matches, vehicle segments, and urban combat environments that include the streets of Tokyo and the canals of Venice.


The big news for core gamers with a distaste for in-app purchases though, is that this is purely a premium experience on mobile. It will be $6.99 when it launches, and that's it. No paying to boost stats, no premium extras. You just pay once.


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