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Minecraft player spent two years building this incredible city

20/10/2014 11:25:00

Titan City is comprised of about 4.5 million blocks that were hand-placed in the Xbox 360 version.


Minecraft players are always building awe-inspiring things. The latest example of this is one player who, over the course of two years, constructed a huge city filled with roads, a rail system, skyscrapers, and more.


Titan City is the work of YouTube user Colonial Puppet, who hand-placed an estimated 4.5 million blocks to create this map in the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. It's a remarkable achievement, and in a thread on Reddit, Colonial Puppet says the city is nearly complete.


At some point, the city will be moved to PC, where a number of new buildings have already been built so that they can be added. What's most impressive about the buildings is that, while they look nice from the outside, all of them have floors. "Some are furnished," but every one of them has a "basic interior," and "a good amount have elevators and stairs." In addition, "some roads have underground rail and a large, aboveground rail system runs throughout the city."


You can see a short summary of the city in the following video. You can also download the latest version of the map so you can check it out for yourself on Xbox 360 and PC.


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