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Minecraft hits one million concurrent players on PC, more than Dota 2

13/01/2015 10:15:00

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has sold 30 million copies.


"For the first time ever, we finally have the capability to see how many people are currently playing Minecraft right now. Holy crap," Mojang developer Nathan Adams said on Twitter. "There are currently over 998,000 people playing Minecraft right at this moment. It is not even remotely close to being a peak time. I could have waited 5 minutes to say 1 million, but nobody would believe that."


Adams said that this number counts PC, Mac, and Linux players with version 1.3 and higher who are online. The number would be even larger if Mojang was able to count offline players, players with older versions, and players who didn't purchase the game legitimately.


A quick look at Steam Charts reveals that Minecraft is handily beating Steam's consistently most popular game, Dota 2, which has yet to crack one million concurrent players.


Johan Bernhardsson, another Mojang developer, also revealed that the mobile version of the game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, has sold 30 million copies to date.


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