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IDC/Games opens beta signup for Metal Assault in Europe and Turkey

09/03/2016 09:26:01

The signup for the Open Beta, which will take place in the coming weeks, is now available.




IDC/Games opened signup for the MMOG Action Shooter Metal Assault Open Beta at Metal Assault is already in Open Beta in other regions such as Japan, Thailand or the United States and is enjoying a great success. 


Metal Assault is an Anime-Style 2D Shooter in which players embody a R.O.C Operative that has a wide arsenal they explore the dangerous city of HERZ with. The game has a lobby in which players can recruit others for their clans, chat, trade or organize their next steps in-game with their Friends.


In Metal Assault, players can enjoy not only PvP but also PvE content, with several gameplay modes:


PvP: Single player, co-op and multiplayer quests, fast-paced action battles to gain as many control points and attain victory.

PvE : BRAAAAINNNSS! : The City of HERZ has been invaded by Zombies, players have a wide range of quests to battle these monsters and survive the impending doom.

CHOPPA: In this quest, players battle in a big battlefield full of deady weapons and vehicles they can use to destroy their enemies—be it solo or with friends. 






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