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Meet League of Legends' latest champion: Bard The 'Wandering Caretaker'

27/02/2015 08:25:00

Riot Games introduced the latest Champion to join its roster of playable League of Legends characters with the unveiling of Bard, The "Wandering Caretaker."


Bard was initially teased through a preview page called "The Wonder Above" before the studio unveiled more details. Now, according to the new champion reveal page, Bard uses ancient chimes that spawn around the map. These chimes can be used to gain speed, experience and mana boosts.


"We've looked at the idea of roaming supports before," reads a post from Riot game designer Rabid Llama. "Alistar was one, for a while, before he roamed so well you guys transitioned him into a death-dealing jungler thanks to his nigh on unstoppable W+Q combo and extreme tower diving capabilities. So we made changes, nerfed his extra monster damage, and put him back in his traditional support pants. But we still liked the idea, and so started thinking of ways that we could bring a new champion into League that had all the hallmarks of a roaming utility support."


Little spirits called meeps can also assist Bard in combat. According to Riot, Caitlyn, Udyr and Amumu are compatible team mates while Bard is most susceptable to attacks from Rek'Sai, Draven and Leona.


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