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Marvel Heroes 2015: Mystic Mayhem event

25/08/2015 09:44:43

Gazillion Entertainment has launched a new in-game event for Marvel Heroes 2015, called Mystic Mayhem, taking place in a new zone.


Demon Lord N'astirh is trying to conquer the Earth and is invading with a demon army. 


The event includes:


  • 1963 Legendary Limbo Scrolls
  • From 63 to Eternity
  • Heroes Wanted
  • New Mission - Strike on Limbo
  • Infernal Limbo - Defeating the Demon Lord
  • Mystic Mayhem Invades
  • Bloodstone Amulets
  • Mayhem Demons
  • Mystic Achievements
  • Achievement Mayhem!
  • Mystic Mayhem Boxes
  • ... more!



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