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Marvel announces video game partnership with Telltale Games

27/04/2015 09:32:16

At an event in San Francisco, Marvel discussed the company's future plans in the video game space and announced a partnership with Telltale Games to develop games based on Marvel's properties.


The first of those games will come to unspecified platforms in 2017, Marvel executives said. Marvel did not disclose the name of the game or which properties Telltale might be developing games with.


According to Roseman, the company's future Marvel games will strive for authenticity, will feel "exquisite" and "sexy," and will be celebrated by Marvel fans. Roseman said the games will look "eye-popping," and feel well-built.


"Marvel is about storytelling," Peter Phillips  (executive vice president and general manager for interactive and digital distribution) said, saying that the Marvel brand promises heroic, complex and relatable characters.


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