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Little Big Planet 3 is official!

11/06/2014 17:50:00

Sony announced Little Big Planet 3 at its E3 2014 press conference, nearly a year and a half after rumors of the game made their way online last February.


The announcement included a lengthy gameplay demo that showcased several new characters who will be joining Sackboy, the series' stalwart cloth hero. Those characters include Swoop, a bird who can help carry other characteres; Toggle, a character who can switch between large and small forms depending on what a level calls for; and Oddcloth, who is presumably odd...and made of cloth.


A notable absence from the presentation was any reference to Media Molecule, the studio that created the Little Big Planet franchise and developed the first two mainline games in the series. That would mesh with last year's rumor, which suggested that this new game is in development at British studio Sumo Digital.


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