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League of Legends has big plans to get rid of lag problems in Europe

26/01/2015 14:45:00

Riot's European live services manager offers some insight into what European League of Legends fans can expect.


The company has already seen the launch of a new Amsterdam datacenter, as well as changes to its Frankfurt datacenter, and has over 500 direct connections with ISPs throughout Europe. An initial high-speed private link between both datacenters has been completed.


"Our goal is to extend Riot's presence in regions affected by these limitations in order to improve the player experience and minimise connection difficulties," reads the post. "We will be building direct connections to the ISPs that LoL players use, and then announce to these ISPs: feel free to use Riot's backbone for your customers playing LoL. Since our backbone is solely dedicated to League traffic, this should improve the experience for a vast majority of player traffic as it leaves an ISP on its way to Riot."


So far, Riot has begun designing and building its own physical infrastructure, having analyzed in-game networking stats, purchased the necessary equipment and finalized discussions with long-haul circuit providers.

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