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Kingdom Under Fire II : English Language Beta Schedule Posted

21/01/2014 13:25:00 has announced the Kingdom Under Fire II English-language beta schedule that will kick off on January 23rd and continue through January 26th.

The schedule includes the times when servers will be online and, according to, there will also be beta events ongoing throughout the testing period.


There are also a few Beta Test events available for this Experience Beta Test. Players can fulfill the requirements of each event to obtain different rewards during the game commercial. Some of features which are currently under development in Blueside are not implemented in EBT version.  


Servers will only be up during these certain hours.


  • January 23 18:00~24:00 GMT +8
  • January 24 18:00~24:00 GMT +8
  • January 25 18:00~24:00 GMT +8
  • January 26 18:00~24:00 GMT +8


Early Character Creation Date


  • January 21st~22nd


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