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IDC/Games and Playdat sign an agreement to publish ‘Korner 5’ Worldwide

16/01/2015 09:10:00

Korner 5, the 5 vs 5 football MOBA will be localised and published in the most relevant western languages before the end of Q1. English version is already available worldwide.


IDC/Games and British developer Playdat announced today the extension of the agreement by which the Spanish publisher will market the free-to-play MOBA ‘Korner 5’ worldwide, in all markets except CIS countries. The game is currently being translated to the languages: English, Turkish, French, Czech, Italian, German, Greek, Thai and Arabic. It has been released in Spanish, Polish and Portuguese last November.


Players can sign up now while they wait for new languages availbility at and keep up with the latest news on


English version of Korner 5 is already available at , players can enjoy from today the game.


‘Korner 5’ is a free-to-play football MOBA that boasts a unique control system and viewpoint that puts the gamer right in the action, as if on the pitch, with high quality graphics available to all machines.


Designed to provide a personalized experience to the fullest, ‘Korner 5’ allows players to customize from the physical appearance of their avatar to equip their team kits, and even supply curious items and accessories to provide further personality. In addition to the regular tournaments and competitions, players can choose between different game modes (normal or power-ups, team challenges...), chat rooms, public and private chat and the possibility of becoming spectators of other player’s live matches, without forgetting competitions, ranking and statistics for both players and teams.


With the addition of this game to IDC/Game’s portfolio, the brand continues to establish itself as publisher. Moreover, it is as booming company in the online games arena, where it offers both developers and users a unique and impeccable solution for location, publishing and marketing of online games.


Nvia Group and IDC/Games CEO, Víctor Lamas Sánchez, comments: “We can’t wait to take Korner 5 worldwide after the overwhelming response the game is having in Brazil, Spain and Poland with thousands of players enjoying daily this unique game”.


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