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Heroes of the Storm welcomes a new Diablo champion, King Leoric

16/07/2015 09:42:41

Leoric, looks like a powerful new addition to the game.


Leoric's defining trait is called Undying, which lets the Skeleton King stay on the battlefield even after he's been killed by an opponent. He'll continue to be playable in ghost form, where he can still harass enemies and help allies, until he's resurrected in his corporeal form. The Skeleton King can also use his ghost-like wraith form to teleport short distances while he's still alive with a skill called Wraith Walk.


Offensively, Leoric can deal heavy damage in an arc, slowing enemies with his Skeletal Swing. He can also drain an opponent's life, while also healing himself, with Drain Hope. 


Leoric is the third character from the Diablo franchise — after Johanna the Crusader and the Butcher — to be added to Heroes of the Storm as part of Blizzard's Eternal Conflict promotion.



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