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Heroes of the Storm

07/04/2015 11:10:51

What’s new and what’s old


Let’s suppose you have already read more than once a couple of lines about DOTA, League of Legends, Smite, Strife… All of them are the hit of MMO and the reason why every studio should release a game of this genre.

Let’s also suppose that all of us got an idea about common features at MOBA games: team based battles in which each player controls a character or a hero with some predefined skills and some customizable ones.

Knowing this, what does Heroes of the Storm need to have to catch our eye?

Blizzard fans here

The trademark has power. Hordes of fans of WoW, Starcraft and Diablo will be able to play with their favourite characters. Does it make any sense? Never mind: melees starred by Mario and Sonic and some other old mixes have no reason to have a plot. It’s all about fighting, we’re not trying to win the Palme D’Or. Marvel and DC have also joined their superheroes on games and everyone seems to like it. 

Progression system without Store

The heroes’ upgrades, which you have to purchase in most of games, are given by experience improvements in HotS. Thanks to this, there is more flexibility to customise our hero or test others.


Dynamic maps

The changes in maps at every play make each match different. It’s not enough to study a map and use a strategy that was successful in previous games. Besides, there are some singularities, like the marks giving special powers to the team that gets them; they are always in different locations, so if we have a previous fixed strategy to get them, it will be wasted.



No gold farming

You can farm, but it will only give you experience. As long as gold is not necessary in-game, you won’t miss it.

If you have decided to start playing HotS, we would like to give you some advices:

Hurry up! Everyone is novice now!

If you hadn’t played any MOBA yet, it’s a good idea to start playing HotS… But you should do it now. By the moment, the community is friendly because we’re all at the same level. Complete all tutorials and practise: game mechanics are easier than in other games, but don’t be wiseacre or you will be wasted.

 Easy heroes first

Begin with an easy hero and go for the most difficult ones once you have some knowledge of the game. Remember to have as much heroes as possible and try them: you can try heroes before choosing them, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Plan with your team and use the map

If you don’t like talking to people, you won’t enjoy the game: like in most of games of the genre, you will have to talk, plan and coordinate with your team members to succeed. Use the mini-map to communicate effectively with your team in the middle of the battle.


Don’t act as a hero: study your enemies

Never begin a fight with a superior enemy. Never. Besides, is highly recommendable to know all heroes to keep in mind their abilities and weaknesses of your enemies. So, again, try and test all the heroes.

Be patient, my friend

After some suffering, victories will come. Be patient, don’t be a hater or a troll with the winners while you bite the dust and enjoy the glory when you win.


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