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Hearthstone: Let’s Get Brewing with Deck Recipes!

11/03/2016 08:23:10

Ready to embrace your inner deck-builder, but not sure where to start? Don’t fret, friend! Deck Recipes are coming to Hearthstone to help inspire new deck-builders to create fun and functional decks!


Deck Recipes are a new feature coming to Hearthstone to help budding deck-builders get a head-start on quickly crafting a solid deck to play in the Tavern. They’re great for both new players who haven’t built many decks, and experienced players who don’t want to create a deck entirely from scratch.


Three are available for each class, including one classic recipe, and two themed recipes. If you want to quickly jump into a game and need a deck, classic recipes are the way to go. If you’re more experienced and want to try something different, themed recipes may provide some inspiration.


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