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The Ruined City, the third wing of The League of Explorers, is now live

09/12/2015 08:01:51

The Staff of Origination is nearly complete! All that’s missing now is the gem that fits into the headpiece: the Pearl of the Tides.


It is, alas, secreted away somewhere in The Ruined City; an overgrown ruins set within the jungle of Stranglethorn Vale. Stranglethorn is no tropical paradise! It’s a dense, steamy jungle teeming with malignant murlocs and nefarious naga—indeed, danger lurks behind every leaf and vine! Fortunately, Sir Finley Mrrgglton is prepared to help you navigate through the wilderness to reach the ruins.


Nor could you ask for a better guide! Sir Finley Mrrgglton is a sophisticated gentleman, a valiant explorer, and an accomplished scholar—he even has a knighthood! He also just happens to be a murloc. Sir Finley is confident that his diplomatic and linguistic skills will allow him to negotiate with the jungle’s residents and retrieve the Pearl post-haste! Do hurry and check up on him though, will you? It’s quite likely that the natives are rather more restless than Sir Finley has anticipated.


Can you find Sir Finley, subdue swarms of savage natives, AND purloin the Pearl from The Ruined City? Find out!



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