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The League of Explorers: The Hall of Explorers – Now Live!

15/12/2015 09:20:52

The Hall of Explorers, the fourth and final wing of The League of Explorers, is now live in Europe.


On the eve of triumph, disaster strikes! The pieces of the Staff of Origination have been recovered, but now they’ve fallen into the wrong hands! Now you’ll have to return to the hallowed headquarters of the League of Explorers itself and recover the staff from the vile grip of evil! Beware the artifact’s power, because who knows what havoc will be wrought once the pieces of the staff are combined! The League of Explorers is in a bind, and they need your help.


Can you restore order to a collection of artifacts gone berserk, stop Arch-Thief Rafaam, and recover the Staff of Origination?



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