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Half-Life 2 is now an RTS thanks to this wonderful mod

16/12/2014 11:25:00

Steam users can now play the free multiplayer beta of Lambda Wars.


It's now been ten years since Valve transported players into Half-Life 2, that seminal first-person shooter featuring the awe-inspiring dystopia of City 17, the unforgettable tripedal giants known as Striders, and the haunting and bleak urban landscapes that Gordon Freeman crowbarred his way through.


A modder collective, called Vortal Storm, has released the beta build of a Half-Life 2 mod that completely reimagines it as an RTS game. The assets are all in place, from Combine soliders to resistance fighters to those gargantuan Striders, but now are all displayed and controlled from a typical RTS bird's-eye-view.


The free multiplayer game, called Lambda Wars, allows players to control either the Combine Overwatch or the Resistance forces, with the signature RTS goal in place of destroying your opponent's base.


Lambda Wars recently passed the Steam Greenlight community voting system.


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