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Guild Wars 2: The Mordrem Guard

14/09/2015 09:40:27

Yes, it’s true—sylvari were created to be dragon minions. And now Mordremoth has called them home.


The Mordrem Guard are one of Mordremoth’s most dangerous weapons. Because they include former Pact officers and Pale Reavers, they are quite skilled at combat and they know the Pact’s standard tactics. And unlike other minions of Mordremoth, the Mordrem Guard are smart and their efforts are well coordinated. While their minds are not entirely their own, they retain all their previous intelligence and can talk and organize themselves to fulfill the dragon’s wishes. This makes them very hard to track and even harder to defeat.


When a sylvari becomes a Mordrem Guard, they also transform physically. This was by Mordremoth’s design. When they turn, their bodies grow in height and girth. They are roughly 20 percent larger than other sylvari and noticeably more muscular. They also develop a sort of natural armor. Their outer layer transforms from softer plant material to a hardened, bark-like coating that provides extra protection in battle.


At ArenaNet, narrative designers worked with the Creatures Team, Art, Audio, and gameplay designers to create a variety of Mordrem Guard enemies. Their appearances, fighting styles, and behaviors are all in line with their stories and Mordremoth’s purposes for them. And because these minions talk, they often provide insight into what their master is up to. They’ll taunt and threaten you often, and occasionally you can eavesdrop on a private conversation that they wouldn’t want you to overhear.





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