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Guild Wars 2: Salvation Pass is live

10/03/2016 08:17:22

A new raid wing, Salvation Pass, is now available to play!


The search for a missing Pact leader continues as you and your allies venture deeper into the Forsaken Thicket. Strange magical energy has run amok, and long-hidden mysteries wait to be brought to light.


You won’t get far as long as Slothasor snoozes in your path. This lumbering, sleepy forest resident may not have been dreadful before, but there’s no telling what impact the strange energies will have on it once it wakes.


Your investigation continues as you prepare to face the dangers that lie beyond the mysterious ruins. The past refuses to be forgotten—and the extent of its corrupting influence has yet to be revealed.


New dangers bring new rewards—your victory at Salvation Pass can earn you ascended weapons, new weapon skins, miniatures of each raid boss, and more. You can continue building the precursor to your legendary armor and collecting magnetite shards, which the Priory scholar vendor will exchange for weapons, armor, and items.



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