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GTA V will have a first-person mode on PS4 and Xbox One, run at 4k on PC

06/11/2014 14:45:00

Rockstar Games has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will be getting a first-person mode when it arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 18.


"We could’ve put it in the last-gen version, but we were too busy making the game," Rob Nelson, Rockstar Games' animation director told IGN in an interview.


"You're eye-level, down with the people on the street," Nelson told IGN in the announcement. "As you walk past them, you see them sort of look at you out of the corner of their eye. All of this stuff existed in the game before — lots of little details."


Also confirmed for the Windows PC release is 4K resolution, a resolution nearly four times as high as the 1080p versions of the game coming to PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version of GTA V arrives Jan. 27, 2015.


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