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GTA V PS4 install is 50GB

10/10/2014 14:45:00

Grand Theft Auto V will require a 50 GB install on PS4, according to a listing which allegedly appeared on the PlayStation Store.


A GTA Forums user captured an image of the page which specifies a "50GB minimum save size". That would make it one of the new console generation's biggest games in terms of size as well as anticipation, taking up more than a tenth of a PS4 system's default storage.


The listing also indicates the game will support some motion elements, saying that a "PlayStation Move navigation controller or Wireless Controller will be required for motion control features."


The Grand Theft Auto V release date for PS4 and Xbox One is November 18, 2014. The PC version of the game, which was originally expected to debut alongside the new-gen console versions this autumn, will be released on January 27, 2015.


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