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GTA 5 PC Ships on 7 discs

10/04/2015 08:43:42

By comparison, 2008's GTA IV shipped on just two DVDs.


The upcoming physical PC version of Rockstar's open-world game Grand Theft Auto V will ship across seven DVDs. According to an image which appeared earlier a few days ago on Reddit.


The origins of the image are not immediately clear, though the ratings logo suggests it stems from an international market, not the United States.


By comparison, 2008's GTA IV shipped across just two discs. Of course--at 65 GB--GTA V is a substantially larger game than GTA IV, which weighs in at 16 GB.


GTA V launches for PC in under a week, hitting retailers worldwide on April 14. The digital version of the game is available now to pre-load from the Rockstar Warehouse and Steam.



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