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Free-to-play EA Sports UFC launches on Android and iOS

23/04/2015 09:06:55

A mobile version of EA Sports UFC, the first UFC video game from EA Sports, is now available worldwide on Android and iOS.


EA had previously soft-launched the game two months ago in Canada, Singapore, South Korea and Russia. Prior to global launch, it had racked up more than 2 million downloads, according to EA.


EA Sports UFC on mobile was developed by EA Canada, the same studio that made the original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game that launched last June. The developers of the mobile version "worked in partnership" with the console team, according to a press release from EA, but they're somewhat different experiences.


EA Sports UFC mobile lets you choose from a roster of over 70 UFC fighters and level them up as you play, unlocking special moves and new opponents with the coins you earn.



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