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Fragments of Him also coming to PlayStation 4

11/12/2015 09:04:53

The first-person drama about love and loss to be released on Sony’s console in 2016.


Indie developer Sassybot has announced that its first-person drama Fragments of Him is coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2016. The story driven-exploration game was previously announced for Xbox One and PC.


Sassybot will also show the latest version of Fragments of Him this week at the LGBT-oriented gaming convention GaymerX (11th to 13th December in San Jose, USA).


Fragments of Him follows the aftermath of protagonist Will’s sudden death, and how the lives of those close to him are affected by this loss. Players re-live the final moments of Will’s life in a story-driven first-person experience, and discover the memories of the people he leaves behind. People such as his boyfriend Harry, who returns to an empty apartment filled with reminders of his partner; Sarah, an ex-girlfriend who later became a good friend to the couple; and Mary, a grandmother feeling alone and betrayed by a society she barely recognises.



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