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Former Call of Duty Devs Create New Studio Reload to Make VR Games

16/07/2014 09:10:00

Made up of artists, producers, and developers from Infinity Ward and other Call of Duty studios, Reload aims to make new VR experiences.


The official website for a new game developer Reload Studios went live earlier today, and according to the site, they're a new game studio made up of former Call of Duty artists, producers, and developers. Reload's mission statement is to "make games for upcoming virtual reality and existing platforms." A separate bit of the text on the main page clarifies that Reload "will produce virtual reality, mobile and console games."


The studio was founded by James Chung, "a developer for core and casual games," and Taehoon Oh. According to the website, Oh is "an ex-lead artist from Infinity Ward which created the famous 'Call of Duty' series. He worked most of weapons and vehicles from last six COD projects over ten years."

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