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Fireproof announces The Room Three for iOS and Android, Omega Agent for Gear VR

05/09/2014 13:25:00

The Room Three, the third entry in Fireproof Games' series of mechanical puzzle games, is in development and scheduled to be released in spring 2015.


According to a Facebook post from Fireproof, The Room Three will "evolve the mysterious story and take puzzle solving to higher and weirder places than ever before." 


The game will debut on iOS, and that release will be "shortly followed" by an Android version. 


Fireproof also revealed today that it is working on a virtual reality game, Omega Agent, that is exclusive to the newly announced Samsung Gear VR headset. Omega Agent puts the player in the straps of a nuclear-powered jetpack and flies around an island city featuring a complex that trains spies.


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