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Finally, EA Sports' FIFA games will feature women players

01/06/2015 09:55:33

EA Sports announced today that women will finally be allowed into its annual popular FIFA Soccer simulations, starting with this year's FIFA 16.


However, there are significant restrictions. There are only 12 women's teams, all of which are international, so none of the world's vibrant domestic or college leagues are featured. The full list of teams are USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, China and Australia.


In FIFA 15 there were over 30 men's leagues, each with over a dozen teams and around 50 international teams.


"For us, it was more about getting the most of the best players," said Nick Channon, producer for FIFA 16. "The international women's game is big. Obviously that's where the best players are. We wanted to start there."


FIFA 16 will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC on Sept. 22.


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