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Evil Geniuses wins The International 5 Dota 2 Championships

11/08/2015 11:22:18

Evil Geniuses has won the fifth Dota 2 International Championships. The best-of-five Grand Finals series ended 3-1, with EG taking home more than $6.6 million.


CDEC took on the American favourite Evil Geniuses in the Grand Finals best-of-five series. CDEC won the Upper Bracket after knocking EG down to the Lower Bracket, where EG won its finals series against LGD Gaming 2-0, securing its place in the TI5 Grand Finals.


As first place finishers of TI5, Evil Geniuses will take home more than $6.6 million in prize money from the overall prize pool of more than $18 million. CDEC will take home more than $2.8 million.



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