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Dragon’s Dogma PC release date revealed

21/12/2015 09:22:22

It's available for preorder now.


Patient PC players will be getting their chance to experience Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen in January. 


Capcom announced on Capcom Unity that the game is "finally realized in 4K and running at silky-smooth 60 FPS." It's also mentioned that the frame rate is uncapped, so players will be able to surpass 60 frames per second if their PCs can handle it. Players will also be able to lock their frame rate to 30 or 60.


The announcement brings news that the game will support keyboard and mouse in addition to controllers, such as the Xbox One, Steam, and DualShock. Support for the DualShock 4 hasn't been consistent with PC games, but Capcom says it will work right out of the box.


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is currently available for preorder on Steam for $29.99 and will be releasing on January 16. Preordering gets you a free digital artbook and soundtrack. The artbook contains over 300 pages of art from the original Dragon's Dogma, while the soundtrack features 53 tracks from both the original and Dark Arisen.



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