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Dragon Quest 10 will be the first MMO for 3DS

10/07/2014 13:25:00

Square Enix is porting MMORPG Dragon Quest X Online to Nintendo 3DS September 4 in Japan.


The 3DS version will retail for 3,800 Yen (~$37) and include a 60-day trial membership, an in-game Lemon Slime vehicle, five Great EXP Archives worth 1,000 experience each, a Casino Coin Ticket, poster and lottery card. Post-trial membership will be available through three packages: 3 days for 350 Yen, 10 days for 650 Yen or 30 days for 1,500 Yen, rounding out near the MMO gold standard of $15/month.


Much like the mobile versions, Dragon Quest 10 will utilize cloud streaming and calculations on 3DS, allowing for improved visuals despite the handheld’s limited horsepower.

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