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Dragon Nest : New update adds dungeons, level 70 cap, advanced skills

24/03/2014 17:50:00

Dragon Nest players will enjoy a variety of new advanced character skills, a new level 70 cap and a new area called Arendel.


The game will also continue to help players reach level 60 by hosting events during the month of March. Examples of the new dungeons opening to players:


  • Roiling Expanse: Many of the once verdant lands surrounding the Elven kingdom have become barren and dry as Arendel’s Tree of Life grows weaker. Lush forests are replaced with arid deserts and a swirling sandstorm now blankets the area.
  • Sea of Dust: Poison is slowly killing the Tree of Life, and as a result, this beautiful valley has become a desolate wasteland. A massive scorpion known as Superpredator Antares prowls the land, in search of prey.
  • Halfmoon Desert: As they besiege Arendel, the Dragon Cultists establish a base camp in this treacherous desert. One of the ancients, the fearsome undead Emperor Sebek, rules this land and commands its forces.


Read more about the update on the official Dragon Nest website.


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