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Dragon Age: Inquisition stats record more than 2 million flying lizards slain

20/01/2015 08:25:00

The official Dragon Age: Inquisition Twitter account has some interesting statistics for all the Heralds of Andraste out there.


According to tweets made earlier last week, more than 2.6 million dragons have been slain by players of Inquisition.


The unfortunate Ferelden Frostback was the most-killed of her species, while the Highland Ravager has been the most successful at evading death. Fifty-eight percent of all dragons were killed in the land of Orlais, so any of our readers who happen to be fire-breathing monsters, take note: this is not a land you want to be traveling to right now.


As for who's doing the slaying, the overall majority - 68 percent - of Inquisitors have been male, while 32 percent have been female. While the percentage of female heroes may seem small, it's actually a big step up from BioWare's Mass Effect series; back in 2011, the developer revealed that fewer than 15 percent of players used a female version of Commander Shepard between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.


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