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Dizzel shutting down in April

18/02/2015 09:10:00

The end came fast for OGPlanet’s free-to-play shooter, Dizzel.


Citing the shutdown of the developer’s studio, (pretty good reason to close a game) OGPlanet announced that the Dizzel servers would go fully offline on April 13, 2015, although the shutdown has already started with the cash shop being removed a few days ago. You can still purchase cash shop items using in game currency, but the sale of items for Astros (OGPlanet’s cash shop currency) has been discontinued.


For any of you that purchased Astros and used them in the Dizzel cash shop on or after December 10th, 2014, you can expect a refund of those Astros soon and will be free to use them in any other OGPlanet game of your choosing. This is a refund of the Astors though, NOT your actual cash so if you aren’t a fan of any other OGPlanet games then you’ll be sitting on Astros waiting for the next OGPlanet game that catches your eye.



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