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DiRT Rally announced for PC

29/04/2015 09:19:04

Codemasters announces--and releases--the next entry in its racing series.


Just days after revealing a new Overlord game that will take the series in a controversial new direction, Codemasters has made another announcement for one of its other major franchises. The UK-based publisher on Monday announced--and released--the next entry in the Dirt racing series, called DiRT Rally.


An unfinished version of the game is available now on Steam Early Access for $31.49. Releasing the game on Early Access, "We want you to feel like part of the development team and help us build a better game" Codemasters said on the game's Steam page.


Though DiRT Rally may not be a finished product, it's not lacking for elements and features. Available now in the game are a total of 36 rally stages (Monte Carlo, Greece, and Wales are three examples) and 17 cars, ranging from "1960s classics" to modern vehicles. In the future, Codemasters will add more cars and environments to DiRT Rally, including some circuits from the 2015 FIA World Rallycross Championship.



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