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Devilian: Trion's new game is an ARPG

02/07/2015 09:28:52

Devillian is an ARPG from the makers of RIFT, Defiance and ArcheAge coming to North America and Europe later this year.


In development with Trion Worlds and Bluehole Ginno Games, the massively multiplayer online game puts players in the role of half-devil heroes who are battling to save their world from a fallen god.


Players can choose to play as a sword-wielding Berserker, a spellcasting Evoker, a keen-eyed heavy artillery packed Cannoneer, or an agile bladed chains Shadowhunter. Players can also unlock a unique Devil Form for each class.


Devillian also offers 20 v 20 player-versus-player battles, crafting, quests and guilds.



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