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Dark Souls 2 completed in 20 Minutes

05/06/2014 09:10:00

A player has just completed a speedrun of Dark Souls II in 20 minutes using the power of in-game binoculars.


Few people can say that they've completed From Software's brutally difficult Dark Souls II. Fewer still can claim to have beaten it without dying hundreds of times.


YouTube user Distortion2 has posted a speedrun of Dark Souls II that is near flawless... but also only twenty minutes long.


In the video, the player uses glitches and bugs to basically fling himself through the game, avoiding almost every battle and peril in the Dark Souls world. Interestingly, he relies heavily on in-game binoculars, which allow him to move around at a ridiculous pace. This is an impressive speedrun, even though it utilizes broken parts of the game.


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