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Could Destiny come to PC?

25/06/2014 12:00:00

When Destiny launches this September it'll be available for four major consoles: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.


Though there are no current plans for a PC version of the MMO shooter, both Bungie and Activision have yet to completely rule it out.


Around the same time Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg called Destiny "a good fit" for PC, we spoke with Bungie senior environment artist Jason Sussman about the same topic. He, too, reiterated the challenge of launching on four consoles at once, but, again, wouldn't rule out the possibility of a PC version in the future.


"We have a lot of PC games within the studio, and my works at Valve, so I love PC games," he told us. "But right now, as a studio it's a challenge to launch on four consoles."


"Who knows what the future holds, but right now we're so focused on the four consoles," he added.


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