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Three new videos of Cosmic League

15/02/2016 09:14:59

Published three new videos for three of the main characters: Miia, Rikka and Audrit


Check out Audrit's gameplay, a character who fights airborne—this way you can reach your targets from above. Learn how to handle her properly, you will have an incredible view of the battlefield and see all your enemies coming!



Miia is a young and energetic pilot from Winglass, a planet renowned for its exceptional flight technology. She excels at jumping around to fight in the air with her long-time friend, Ghost Raider. In this gameplay you’ll discover Miia fighting alone, watch it now!



Her father was once a legendary Breaker, though he seems reluctant to teach his daugher anything. As a result, she aims to become Zero Saber's disciple. Unable to resist the allure of the Cosmic League, Rikka has become a Breaker despite her father's opposition.



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