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IDC/Games announces publishing agreement for Cosmic League in Europe, Turkey and Latin America

11/01/2016 08:40:53

IDC/Games and Cyberstep, Japanese leading online editor for PC games, announce the signing of the publishing agreement of Cosmic League in Europe, a very successful third-person shooter in Japan. Cosmic League is known as Cosmic Break 2 in Japan.


IDC/Games announced today the publishing agreement of the third-person shooter or TPS Cosmic League, the new version of the famous Cosmic Break, known in Japan as Cosmic Break 2. IDC/Games will publish this game in all Europe, Turkey and Latin America. The game will be available in the IDC/Games platform at and in Steam.


The new version of the game came to Japan in mid-2015 and has already obtained a resounding success, with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying their style and action.


The original version of Cosmic Break was published in Japan in 2008. It was played by millions of players all over the world and still has an legion of fans in Japan.


Cosmic League is an action-packed online arena shooting game featuring cute girls and killer robots. Two teams of up to 10 players each are pitted against each other in close-quarter arena battles. A constantly changing battlefield will require the players to stay aware of their surroundings and adapt their strategies accordingly.


IDC/Games plans to begin the closed beta season of Cosmic League in the first quarter of 2016.


The game will be localized into several languages including French, German, Polish, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and Greek.


The registration for the beta will open in January and while it arrives, the players are invited to participate in the official forum and in our Facebook fan page


Victor Lamas, Grupo Nvia and IDC/Games CEO says “With Cosmic League we add  to  IDC/Games portfolio a TPS shooter triple A quality that has had an excellent response from the players and critics in Japan. We are certain that our user base and our community of Western players will receive this title as it deserves”.










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