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Cityconomy, service your city in the upcoming open world simulation game

12/11/2015 09:58:15

German publisher astragon Entertainment have today announced that their extensive open world simulation game Cityconomy, in which players take control of all service sectors of a huge thriving metropolis, will be released on PC on December 2nd.


Developed by Nano Games Ltd, Cityconomy sees players take on the role of the owner of a private service company as they aim to keep their city in perfect condition and meet the ever changing needs of their citizens. In this metropolis there is work to be done at every turn, from waste removal and sewer maintenance, to towing vehicles and maintaining public green spaces, as well as numerous subtasks in the different city districts.


To achieve a good ranking in Cityconomy’s reputation system, players will need to keep a close eye on the needs of their citizens, fulfil them as quickly as possible and thus gain access to more districts and more profitable contracts.


In Cityconomy, virtual service providers can expect a massive open-world city to drive around as they go about their daily and varied missions. In undertaking these tasks, players can access a variety of faithfully recreated real-world vehicles and machines, including a range of licensed trucks from German manufacturer MAN.


Featuring a full day-night cycle along with detailed graphics and realistic urban sounds, a non-linear contract system, a vast array of tasks and vehicles, as well as an extensive multiplayer mode, Cityconomy will let you service your city YOUR way!



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