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Cities: Skylines' first expansion explores what happens After Dark

10/08/2015 10:39:50

City building simulation Cities: Skylines is getting its first expansion, Cities: Skylines After Dark, developer Colossal Order announced at publisher Paradox Interactive's gamescom press conference.


The update to the city sim is "all about day and night cycles," Colossal Order said.


"It's not just a visual feature," Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order, said at Gamescom. "It affects the simulation — because we all know people behave a little different at day and night."


The developer spoke of updated leisure zones, a reworked police department, expanded city services and beachfront property, including beach bars and restaurants, fishing tours and more. Expect "more choice and more depth" from After Dark, Hallikainen said.



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