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Chaos Heroes Online arrives to Steam

14/01/2015 10:35:00

Aeria Games has sent word that its new MOBA, Chaos Heroes Online, is now part of the Steam games platform.


Returning players transferring to the Steam client will be gifted a new limited time skin called the Scorching Battlefield Darae.


Faction vs Faction - Divine Union against Immortal Legion
Buy items anywhere - skip the item shop and head straight for the action!
Heavy emphasis on consumables - correct and timely usage of powerful potions makes or breaks each match
Travel the map - cut your own path through the trees to gank, juke, and control the Teleport Gates
Teamplay above all - you won't be able to take the enemy defenses down alone!
Timed matches - take risks to win the game before time runs out
Deathmatch mode - for those who desire to brawl in a small arena patrolled by a massive guardian
Developed by a fan, for the fans - the original modder Chogosu is still at the head of the development team after all these years!


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