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Canadian teen who harassed female League of Legend players jailed

14/07/2015 08:38:11

A 17-year-old who terrorised female League of Legends players has been given 16 months by a Canadian court


Earlier this year a court heard how the teen, who is linked to hacker group Lizard Squad, would contact girls via League of Legends or Twitter, then set to work harassing them if they declined his friend requests. He blamed his actions on boredom.


A frequent tactic of his was to phone a victim's local police force and state that he was holding the girl's family hostage, or that he had killed someone in the house.


One woman, a student at University of Arizona in Tucson, was forced to drop out of her course due to the teen's continued harassment. Armed police were called to her house twice within the same week, and family members were removed from the home at gunpoint.


The teen, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, was sentenced to a 16-month custodial sentence, but given he's already served eight months, now faces eight months behind bars, followed by another eight months supervised in the community. He's also banned from using the internet during his sentence.



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