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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 getting Mod Tools on PC

05/11/2015 09:51:41

Call of Duty: Black Ops III mod tools are coming in 2016 for the PC edition of the blockbuster shooter.


In a blog post, Treyarch said mod tools have been one of the "top requests" from players and the studio is excited to finally deliver them in the new game.


Beginning through a closed alpha that's targeted to launch in March 2016, PC players will be able to create their own Black Ops III maps, modes, "and more," Treyach said. There is no word yet on how players can get into the alpha, but Treyarch added that it will also offer an open beta for the mod tools further down the road.


Treyarch has also confirmed that it plans to release unranked dedicated server files alongside the Black Ops III modding tools so that players can run their own servers with modded content. In addition, there will be an unranked server browser made available for players to find and join servers that feature mods.


The developer stressed that its current plans could change as it related to mod support.


Black Ops III launches this Friday, November 6, across all platforms.


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