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CABAL II: Calamity of War update already available!

29/01/2016 09:08:55

Chapter 2 update brings level cap increase, open world PvP, new dungeons and equipment to CABAL II universe.


Madness descends on CABAL II in the New Year! ESTsoft, Inc. revealed details for the MMORPG’s biggest content update yet. “Chapter 2: Calamity of War” will change the game as CABAL 2 champions prepare for grander battles and fresh experiences unlike any they’ve seen before.


The update consists of a level cap increase to 50, new dungeons, equipment, skills and the introduction of the new zone Great Wall and open world PvP Nation War!


CABAL II is free to play and features combat that is fluid and skill-based, but also offers all the depth and strategy players would expect from a genuine MMO experience.



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