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Where to watch World Championship eSports

27/10/2015 07:26:15

BlizzCon is almost here, and the World Championships for Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft II are about to get underway! Read on to find out where you can watch all of the action during BlizzCon Opening Week October 28–November 1 and at BlizzCon on November 6–7.


During BlizzCon Opening Week, you’ll be able to watch all of Blizzard’s World Championships streamed live on eSports landing page. Blizzard’s dedicated HD streams will provide the best-quality experience for online viewers—and best of all, they’re completely free!


If you’re looking for streams, brackets, schedules, or any other information in multiple languages, check out Competitions Hub (! These dedicated pages house 70+ different streams in a variety of languages and platforms.



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