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Black Desert

06/05/2015 14:16:28

Immense in every sense.


Every day we receive news from Korea about Black Desert making us, western gamers, longing for more. For all of you who have not yet heard about the sandbox MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss, we will summarize some of the characteristics of this title. Black Desert’s release in the western market is scheduled for 2016 and it will be published by DAUM Games, that already publishes the game in Korea.


Black Desert takes place in an open world made of very detailed terrains. Landscapes have been very well taken care of and they show time and weather changes that affect characters, animals and other NPCs. You can interact with almost anything and wander almost everywhere. Graphic is exceptional and, like in any worthy sandbox, going all over the settings is a real pleasure.


Black Desert will offer 8 classes: Archer, Sorcerer, Giant, Warrior, Beast Master (or Tamer), Valkyrie, Wizard and Blader. No doubt, Black Desert guarantees that your character will be unique, whichever class you choose. You will be able to edit every bone and muscle of the face, including your character's eyelids (not exaggerating). You will spend hours looking for all the possibilities... Take your time.


Combat system is based on the absence of aims or targets, this not meaning you have to hit compulsively, but you will have to think and execute skills and attacks in a precise order, avoiding enemies’ attacks at the same time. Moreover, there are special abilities like Wave Skill, available only in the cooperative or raid mode (and for players from level 40 on), which has devastating results  and can be used only every lapse of time, that is why you have to save it for the most crucial moments of the battle.


In PvE mode, most of the missions will give you no experience: they are played only to get ability points or items. They are fun when you want to explore the surroundings, enter dungeons and defeat bosses. For PvP, the best part of Black Desert are "Sieges": special events where hundreds of players fight to control one of the castles. Players team up in "Brotherhoods" and those who manage to hold the castles after the siege are the ones who receive the tribute from the region. Brotherhoods can be allied, hire mercenaries, plan their strategies in the surroundings of the castles before a battle... A castle can be under siege many times, so it’s good to keep a strong garrison to defend it after the conquest. In addition to sieges, Black Desert allows the classical Guilds and the 1vs1 challenge



Game economy is based on commercial activities: trade routes are defined by controlling them and every trip will be full of enemies’ attacks. Crafting is obtained by combining tools and the knowledge needed to create any kind of object, as well as the possibility to externalize the making. Pay for what you want and let others do it for you.


To sum up, according to what we have seen until now of Black Desert, it is an amazing game in all aspects, combining infinite possibilities for every game aspect with breathtaking graphics. Though the approach is not that original, it is an impressive game, longed for by thousands of western players.









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