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Beta games: September

09/09/2015 09:21:20

There’s been a load of Beta news this last week so let’s get to it.


With PAX Prime in Seattle last weekend, we learned of two new games! LawBreakers, a new team-based shooter from Cliff Bleszinski and Nexon. And Atlas Reactor, a turn-based RTS from Trion Worlds.


We also found out that Guild Wars 2‘s Heart of Thorns expansion will be launching as soon as October 23rd. What’s more, ArenaNet will be running the third invite-only WvW Borderlands stress test from September 8 – September 10.


WildStar also announced the launch date for their free-to-play transition, “WildStar: Reloaded”, and it will go live on September 29th, and Carbine have also been testing the Shade’s Eve Halloween event on the PTR.


For those of you who quite enjoy a good vehicle combat strategy game, World of Warships will be leaving Open Beta and officially launching on September 17th.


Meanwhile, Armored Warfare kicked off Early Access 5, which continues on with your progress from Early Access 4 and will run 24 hours a day until September 20th.


Crowfall began their Pre-Alpha test, letting in a limited number of backers (from some of the higher pledge tiers, of course) to test out three of their playable characters in what is known as the Hunger Dome.


The Pokemon-like minion battle MMORPG Moonrise from Undead Labs announced that they have canceled the launch and further development of the game due to a lack of projected profitability and will be closing the servers on December 31st, 2015.


We were also saddened to hear the news of mass layoffs at Goblinworks this week, leaving just 3 developers on the development of Pathfinder Online.


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