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Battlefield hasn't been annualized, despite Hardline coming one year after BF4

17/06/2014 13:25:00

EA talks about what the release of Battlefield Hardline one year after Battlefield 4 means for the series' future.


Despite Battlefield Hardline coming out just one year after Battlefield 4, the series hasn't been turned into an annualized one--which is to say, EA doesn't plan on releasing one every year, a la Call of Duty.


This is according to EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund, who stated in an interview with Polygon that Hardline is not setting a precedent for the franchise's future release schedule. "It doesn't necessarily mean that we need to annualize Battlefield and that's the way it's going to be forever and ever," he said. "I understand that some people may look at it that way but that's what happened.


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