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Battlefield Hardline leak suggests a cops-and-robbers game

28/05/2014 16:12:00

Battlefield Hardline is the next Battlefield game, and it appears to be a class-based cops-and-robbers experience, according to images of the purported title that were leaked from the series' website.


The leak began with the discovery on the Better Battlelog forums of an initialism for a Battlefield game, "BFH," listed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The forum poster also discovered four soldier classes: Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator and Professional.


Soon afterward, web developer Koen Vlaswinkel obtained the logo above from the Battlelog website, seemingly confirming the game's title as Battlefield Hardline, and posted it on his personal site. Vlaswinkel and the Battlefield Daily Twitter account also posted artwork and icons that mention the two sides in the game, SWAT and Thieves, and modes such as Blood Money and Heist.

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